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Trinity, TX 75862
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What Is The Trinity Peninsula Chamber of Commerce?

It is a dynamic business alliance of local citizens who are investing their time and money in a community development program and working together to improve the economic, civic and cultural well-being of the area.
Anyone that is interested in helping to develop the area (which means more money, more businesses, more jobs, and better living for everyone) is eligible to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The dues structure is designed to permit any business or individual to be a member.
The Chamber is your Goodwill Ambassador. It answers your mail. Yes, your Chamber answers thousands of inquiries and requests for information about Trinity and does it in a manner as to create the favorable attitude you want to reflect on your city.

What Is The Purpose of the Chamber of Commerce?

- Our mission is to unite and engage the Trinity business and private community, and provide business and civic leadership to develop and sustain a prosperous economy and a vibrant community.
- To sponsor and encourage any activity that will lead toward the creation of more dollars for more people and improve the overall economic welfare of the area.
- To provide a clearing house for community ideas, activities and information.
- To translate community improvement ideas into action and to always be assistance to the people in the area: streets, highways, parks, schools, marketing facilities, and human resources.
- To work with others to improve our quality of life.
- Provide added member business service programming.
- Seek business investment in the Trinity area through economic development efforts.
- Effectively represent business interests in public policy and civic arenas on issues where we can make a difference.
- Provide efforts to insure the availability of a qualified workforce.
- To promote trinity Peninsula as an attractive place to visit and relocate.
- To serve as a partner with local government in identifying community needs and providing recommendations fro solutions.
- To increase economic growth through promoting the development of business, industry and tourism.
- To ensure that all of the above objectives ultimately lead to the improvement of quality of life.

How Does The Chamber Of Commerce Work?

The Chamber is a non-profit organization - a business institution dedicated to those projects that will provide a more abundant life for all the people of the area. The work of the Chamber is financed by the investment of the members who support it. The goal of the Chamber is always to create more dollars for more people and to improve the economic welfare of the community.
Every member is needed to work with the Chamber to get the job done.
- For the Professional: Works continuously for the growth of the city, business expansions and population increase to insure a prosperous place in which to make a living.
- For the Home and Property Owner: We cooperate with church, cultural and entertainment groups to provide a more interesting and meaningful life for residents and visitors. We also cooperate with educational facilities to insure a quality educational system.
- For All Members: We represent the opinions of the members of the city, state and national elected officials.

Are The Board Members Paid for Their Work?

No. The board members all serve without pay. The Chamber Office Manager is the only paid employee.

Who Runs The Trinity Peninsula Chamber of Commerce?

The membership. A Board of Directors, elected from the membership, consisting of ten (10) members is elected for three year terms. Suggestions from members on projects, programs or other matters of interest are always welcomed and appreciated. All members, regardless of the dues they pay, have the same voice, same privileges and the same opportunity for service.


The Trinity Peninsula Chamber Commerce welcomes and encourages membership involvement. Real productivity is gained when members volunteer to get involved in one or more Chamber sponsored event.
Members are encouraged to attend and participate in several events.
- AMBASSADORS: Be a part of the public relations arm of the Chamber. Attend grand openings, ribbon cuttings, work at special events and serve on various committees.
- ANNUAL BANQUET: The Annual Banquet brings members together to announce the upcoming year's plans, recognize new Officers and Directors, honor retiring Directors and acknowledge those who "went the extra mile for our community.